This tried and tested  2 Louver grey  precast concrete walling pattern will give you privacy and security at an affordable price.

These steel reinforced Louver precast concrete walls come at a more affordable price than the double sided brickcrete walls.

The  grey precast walling can be painted with a good quality cement- or roof paint to match the colour of the house or garden.

The solid  precast vibracrete walls are ideal for privacy and keep intruders from seeing inside.

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 2 Louver Grey Concrete Precast Walling Technical Information:

305mm x 1440mm x 38mm
 Precast Walls are installed according to these heights: 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm & 2400mmm

Concrete  precast reaches a strength of 28mpa after 30 days.

Poles: 3 x 4-6mm spring steel
 2 Louver Panels: 2 x 3.15mm spring spring steel.

Foundation: 350mm x 350mm 15 Mpa concrete & poles are planted 550 to 600mm deep.
All  precast concrete panels are grouted top to bottom.



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