+ How fast can you install a 6 Foot high concrete wall for me?

+ How many running meters 6 Foot wall can you install per day?

+ Can you remove my old precast wall and reuse it?

+ Will you give credit, if I got my own concrete panels?

+ Can you install decorative panels in the wall? And cost?

+ Can you build a wall up to 3.6 meters high?

+ What does a slab weigh?

+ What does a pole weigh?

+ Can I buy a Brick Crete Wall with out the black lines?

+ Do sell slabs and poles separate?

+ Can you do a wall extension on a precast wall?

+ How high can you extend a precast wall?

+ Does the plum colour fade over time?

+ Can you install a wall with one panel below surface level?

+ Does Stone Crete cost the same as Brick Crete?

+ Do you sell concrete slabs and poles separately?

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