Concrete Precast Walling Price List as from 01 2018, June Pretoria area

This tried and tested  2 Louver grey  precast concrete walling pattern will give you privacy and security at an affordable price. These steel reinforced Louver precast concrete walls come at a more affordable price than the double s

This 3 Louver grey precast walling in 4 inch louver design or 100mm, will give your home that special appeal which makes it stand out in the neighborhood Pretoria or Randburg. The 3 louver concrete fence compliments most entertainment areas, providi

The Big Block grey precast wall has a larger block pattern than the Small Brick concrete walling pattern. The wide block smooth finish texture contributes to the naturally authentic look of this beautiful precast concrete fence. This concrete fence i

Brick Crete Beige precast walling

    Brick Crete clinker is an exciting concept in concrete fencing, carefully designed researched to anesthetically blend in with almost any architectural design. Adds value and warmth to your home Looks like brick but at fr

Brick Crete ( Brickcrete) is base on a new concept that is visually and structurally an improvement on any other precast walling fence product in its class at a very competitive and affordable price. Please see our precast concrete walls price list.

Brickcrete Plum colour double sided walling

  Our Stone Crete  pre-cast concrete wall system provides the appearance and warmth of natural hand-laid stone with clefts and crevices at substantially less cost. Stone Crete Imparts a lively yet subdued pattern to the landscape. As

  Wood Crete was the first precast concrete fence of its kind to be introduced to the market more than 30 years ago. It quickly earned a place on the landscape by providing the visual impact of crafted wood and the longevity of concrete; howe

Concrete Palisade Fencing

We can raise your existing precast concrete wall with extensions:    300mm (1 foot) or 1 slab up    600mm (2 foot) or 2 slabs up    900mm (3 foot) or 3 slabs up    1200mm (4 foot

 We have a specialist team for all maintenance related problems. Has a tree fallen onto your precast wall, or has your poor concrete wall experienced a motor vehicle accident. Give us a call for a free quote. No job to big or to small.

We can install a precast wall with steel devils fork inserts for you. By doing this we create a concrete wall that both look astatically pleasing as well as affording you a view. In today�s age you want to be able to see what is goin

 We believe in supplying our customers with a fully tailored package to sooth your needs. Why not install a Steel sliding gate or pedestrian gate along with your precast wall. Have on contractor on site, once. Have done right.

 Why not fit Flat Coil Razor wire to your precast wall. Can be installed on our full range of concrete walls, from our Louver walls trough to our Concrete Palisade Walls. Secure your property today.