Alfa Concrete Walls largest Semi Clinker precast wall producer in Pretoria - 2020-10-19

Welcome to the biggest precast concrete slab wall manufacturer in Pretoria. Our precast concrete wall prices are the most captive in the market due to our size. We manufacture over the 1500 precast wall slabs per day. We are the best stop nonsense wall company in Pretoria Gauteng. So, phone us for your stop nonsense precast wall in South Africa.&nb... more

Precast Wall News October 2020 - 2020-10-09

Precast wall update time   We here at Alfa concrete Walls are happy to tell you about our precast walls, and what we are doing in the precast wall industry.   Our precast wall installation teams have grown to 10 specialist concrete precast walling installation squads. We are by far the biggest precast walling company in Pretor... more

Stop nonsense walls - 2020-05-19

Stop nonsense walls are allowed on level 4. We can manufacture stop nonsense wall slabs and pillars and we can do repairs on stop nonsense walls. You do not have to wait to repair your stop nonsense walls. Your erf does not have to be open for theives to come and steal, you can repair your stop nonsense wall today and not wait. We do stop nonsense ... more

We are in Rosslyn, Pretoria and Johannesburg. - 2020-02-18

Alfa Concrete Walling are your verti crete fence and vibracrete fence installer. For your vibracrete walls Johannesburg, Alberton or Rosslyn price or wall cost per meter phone alfa concrete walls. Our stop nonsense wall is the best priced. We even do wall extension in your area, like Centurion, Rosslyn, Benoni and Roodepoort. We are your precast... more

We are in Rosslyn, Pretoria and Johannesburg. - 2020-02-18

Alfa Concrete Walling are your verti crete fence and vibracrete fence installer. For your vibracrete walls Johannesburg, Alberton or Rosslyn price or wall cost per meter phone alfa concrete walls. Our stop nonsense wall is the best priced. We even do wall extension in your area, like Centurion, Rosslyn, Benoni and Roodepoort. We are your precast... more

What is stop nonsense? - 2020-01-31

What is stop nonsense or what is stop nonsense house price. We at alfa concrete walls manufacture precast concrete walling also know as Stop Nonsense. It is also called vibra crete or precast walls, and in Afrikaans beton mure. Precast house cost all depends on your design. So, keep in mind we build precast houses. We can build with our produ... more

We do precast walling in Randburg, Krugersdorp and Alberton now. - 2020-01-23

    We here Alfa Concrete Walls are super-fast to install precast wall slabs in Randburg, our walls are not plastic gates nor plastic fencing. We do vosbeton walls in Klerksdorp, Randburg and Johannesburg. Precast slab prices are very low at Alfa Concrete Walls. Se our online price list.  Pleas keep in mind that we have a branc... more

Alfa Beton Mure - 2019-11-28

  Alfa Beton Mure is the biggest supplier of grey precast walling in Pretoria. We do all types of stop nonsense fence around Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand and Polokwane. Alfa beton mure has the best average cost of precast walls in South Africa. We can supply and build a building with stop nonsense  anywhere East Rand, West Rand and Pre... more

Alfa Concrete Walls - 2019-10-22

LFA Concrete Walls Pretoria is manufacturers and erectors of precast concrete walling, Brickcrete, Stonefence, Woodcrete bi-sided walling and heavy duty concrete palisade fencing.  We generally install our precast concrete walls in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Sandton, Randburg, Roodepoort and Krugersdorp Gauteng but are also suppli... more

Grey type precast concrete walls - 2019-10-16

Our Grey type precast concrete stop nonsense walls are a tried and tested walling method that has been serving the South African precast walling public for the last 55 years. Precast concrete walls is surely the most popular walling method in Pretoria. Precast concrete walls is also the most affordable walling method available in Pretoria. Precast ... more

Stop Nonsense Walls House - 2019-10-09

Do you want to build a stop nonsense wall or stop nonsense house? We have the solution for you!   Alfa Exclusive Concrete Walls, have DIY options as well as fully installed walling options available for you. Our precast walls are easily used for the construction of your stop nonsense house or stop nonsense wall.   Alfa concret... more

Whole sale precast walls - 2019-10-04

At Alfa concrete walls we have an online price list for our precast concrete walls. Just click on the precast walling price list link on our menu bar and you will find the best prices on precast concrete walling material in Gauteng. We also offer special prices for larger quantities if you collect from our factories in Pretoria east or Johannesburg... more

Ranch Rail precast walls - 2019-09-23

Alfa concrete walls offers the full range of vibracrete walls in Pretoria. We have single and double sided precast concrete walling. Single sided vibracrete walls is the old favourite and there we offer 2 and 3  louver, block brick, semi-clinker precast concrete walls. In double sided precast concrete we offer brickcrete, woodcrete and stonefe... more

Precast Concrete Walls and Stop nonsens in Pretoria - 2019-09-12

Welcome to the precast concrete wall world of Alfa concrete palisades. We at alfa concrete walls do a lot of brick panel precast walls and we do a lot of building walls and building with stop nonsense. Our Concrete walling pillars are all reinforced with reinforcing. Have a look at our pricelist for your concrete precast panel price per panel. We a... more

Best prices on Precast Concrete walls(Vibracrete) - 2019-09-10

Best prices on Precast concrete vibracrete walls in Pretoria you will find at Alfa Concrete walls. Not only do we offer the BEST prices but also the fastest turnaround times when ot comes to erecting your precast walls. Currently we are offering the following deals on Precast concrete walls: 1,8m High louver vibracrete precast wall    ... more

Precast walls at wholesale prices and wholesale price list - 2019-09-06

Precast walls at wholesale prices   We are often asked if we have a precast wall wholesale price list; yes, we do.  You must be in the precast industry or building industry to qualify. We regularly supply to precast walling company’s like, Bricon walling, PC Concrete, SEN-SMA, Bisided walling and Exclusive walls. Our retail... more

DIY Precast Wall Extension. Concrete Precast Wall extensions - How to extend a precast wall. - 2019-09-03

DIY Precast Wall Extension. Concrete Precast Wall extensions How to extend a precast wall. Concrete wall extensions can basically be divided in to two groups; A. DIY precast wall extension- do it yourself B. Wall extension done by ALFA   DIY Concrete Precast Wall extensions   Do DIY and save you money on yo... more

Precast Concrete Walls - 2019-09-02

Alfa walls strive to keep the cost of precast concrete fencing in Centurion as low as possible, our precast concrete price is update monthly, this allow us to pass any discounts we receive from our suppliers directly on to you. Please view our alfa wall online price at any time. We even have precast concrete wall slab price on there at www.alfawall... more

Alfa walls are your one stop beton mure and stop nonsense expert. - 2019-08-28

Here at Alfa Concrete Walls we have a very large variety of precast walling. Our vibracrete slabs come in different sizes. Our precast panel sizes are, 1.44m x 300mm, 1.52m x 300mm and 1.55m x 300mm. Please note that the standard stop nonsense size is 1.44m x 300 or 600mm per precast concrete wall panel. Alfa walls build quite a few stop nonsens... more

Precast concrete walls in Johannesburg - 2019-08-12

Here at Alfa Concrete walls we are always striving to give opportunities to our prefab stop nonsense workforce. As you know we are opening a branch in Johannesburg and one of our prefab stop nonsense erection team managers Alfred Nkosi has been given an opportunity to lead our new stop nonsense prefab concrete walling business in Johannesburg. We w... more

Stop nonsense wall extensions - 2019-07-31

Stop nonsense wall extensions is our speciality at Alfa concrete walls. More and more people are extending their stop nonsense walls for added security and privacy to their properties. Pricing on stop nonsense wall extensions is much better than erecting a new stop nonsense wall. If you want higher security or privacy immediately you can quickly ex... more

Precast concrete walls - 2019-07-26

We are making things happen at Alfa concrete precast walls. Alfa precast concrete walls are almost finished with our new stop nonsense concrete walling manufacturing plant in Johannesburg South. If everything goes well we will be opening our wholesale factory outlet selling concrete stop nonsense precast walls to the public at the best prices avail... more

Manufacturing of precast concrete walls - 2019-07-15

Here at Alfa precast concrete walls we pride ourselves in our world class manufacturing plants. We manufacture all our precast concrete walls according to the best standards available, using the best locally sourced materials. We support local communities in the manufacture of our precast concrete walls and recycle our materials where possible. We ... more

precast concrete wall prices - 2019-07-08

At Alfa Concrete Walls our prices for single sided precast concrete walls has been reduced! You heard right, you can get a new precast concrete stop nonsense wall from Alfa Precast Walls for less! Our new price is now R490 per metre for 1,8m high for a plain grey type precast concrete stop nonsense wall. Coupled with our legendary 5 year guarantee ... more

New stop nonsense factory - 2019-07-01

Alfa precast concrete  walls is almost finished with the concrete stop nonsense express concrete walling manufacturing plant in Johannesburg south. We are very busy erecting the new stop nonsense express concrete precast walls manufacturing plant for months and we will be in full operation end of July where we will manufacture express walling ... more

Stop nonsense wall extensions - 2019-06-18

Why do people in South Africa call precast concrete walls stop nonsense?  People in townships came up with the phrase years ago when they were fed up with crime. They told the criminals stop your nonsense and then erected precast concrete walls to keep the criminals out and enhance the security of their yards and their families. Because pre... more

New precast concrete walling factory - 2019-06-10

At Alfa precast concrete walls we are casting the floor for our new generation walling factory where we will manufacture and erect all types of concrete precast walls available in the Gauteng market in Johannesburg south. We are very excited and can confirm that all our new generation express concrete walling products and more will be availabl... more

Concrete garden walls - 2019-06-03

Your garden wall is falling down and you search the web for a new new garden wall between you and your next door neighbour. Price for a new face brick wall is way to costly and palisade fencing provides no privacy. You are looking for a good looking garden wall that will not damage your garden with quick installation and you do not want to break th... more

Precast wall extentions - 2019-05-27

Alfa express wall extensions to precast concrete stop nonsense walls is getting more popular everywhere especially in Johannesburg and Pretoria as people want security safety and a stop nonsense extension is an express and effective way to achieve that without incurring to much costs. At Alfa precast concrete walls we offer express walling extensio... more

Call us for your Stop nonsens housing price - 2019-05-21

Here at Alfa walls we are your fencing installer of choice. Does not matter if you are in Pretoria, Johannesburg or West rand, we can do your stop nonsense, palisade fencing and precast walling anywhere, even east rand walling. Our palisade fencing and stop nonsense walls are at low-low prices. Our stop nonsense walls and fence pricelist our ava... more

Brickcrete - 2019-05-20

Want to replace your Brick fences?. Do not replace with a brick wall. At Alfa precast concrete walls  we supply and install brickcrete precast concrete walls in the Pretoria area in a very express walls manner. This is a lower cost alternative to dear brick walls that will mess up you beautiful Pretoria garden. This is an express walls brickcr... more

Brick type walls - 2019-05-13

Who wants brick walls anymore, to expensive and a big mess in your garden. At Alfa concrete walls we do not manufacture brick walls but we do have brickcrete precast concrete walls. Our products are just as beautiful as brick walls at half the price of a brick wall and without the mess and inconvenience of a brick wall. If you calculate the money y... more

Precast vibracrete walls - 2019-05-09

Gauteng casted their votes yesterday and it's back to stop nonsense precast walls for us. The elections was a great victory for democracy South Africans can carry on with their lives. Now you must order that precast stop nonsense wall you waited for after the elections. South Africa is still going strong and now you can do all that precas... more

- 2019-04-29

At Alfa concrete walls our aim is superior walling in the precast walling industryat superior walling prices. You can rest ussured tht you do not have to look any further than Alfa concrete walls if your aim is superior concrete precast walls at superior walling prices. Even with our superior precast wall prices we still run monthly specials on our... more

Wall extentions and more - 2019-04-17

Here at Alfa concrete walls we do express concrete walls . We are very quick and efficient and we have the best quality precast concrete walls in Gauteng and surrounding areas. Our Precast walls comes with precast pillars and precast panels that fits into each other and that ensures a  strong precast wall that will last for decades after. ... more

About us here at Alfa precast walling - 2019-04-11

  Alfa Concrete Walls is Gauteng, South Africa’s leader in precast wall installations. Alfa precast walling is a professional company specializing in all your walling needs. As one of the market leaders in the industry we pride ourselves on quality, excellence and service. With 45 years of experience, Alfa precast concrete wal... more

Extentions - 2019-04-08

Ever wondered what happened to aaa Concrete Pretoria North? aaa Concrete in Pretoria North does not exist anymore. Alfa concrete walls now have a premised just around the corner of aaa concrete Pretoria North at 565 Stasie street Pretoria North. Our contact details is displayd at the old premises of aaa Concrete Pretoria North. We now offer o... more

Your family man in the precast wall industry. - 2019-04-08

We here at Alfa concrete Walls Pretoria are your family man in precast walling. Become part of are family man concept and open a brunch in your area. Pretoria, Centurion and Roodepoort available. Be a family man and open a brunch now. Contact Renier at 082 950 1980. Are concrete walls will secure your family. We here at Alfa walls install p... more

Stop nonsens Pretoria and Centurion - 2019-04-08

  ALFA Concrete Walls Pretoria Alfawall can assist you with your price precast walling price per meter. See our online price list.   We have a lot of brick wall fence designs South Africa, see   Concrete palisade fencing is strong and is sup... more

Precast wall extension prices in Pretoria and Johannesburg. - 2019-04-05

Precast wall extension prices   Here at Alfa concrete walls we are your family man in the express walls industry. We install precast walling at an express walls speed. We are your family man in the SA walling industry. Please keep in mind we do precast wall repairs anywhere and everywhere even in the East rand and Benoni.   Le... more

Alfa precast wall price - 2019-04-03

  Precast walling also know by some as durawall prices or even stop nonsense prices are all boundary walls and concrete walls or even precast wall repairs. Wall stones, prefab walls, stop nonsense, wall extensions, bricks stop nonsense we can do them all for you. We can assist you with Colombo precast walls we buy out from East rand... more

Alfa Precast Walling - 2019-04-02

  ALFA Concrete Walls Pretoria   Please visit our online price list for the cost per cast walling price per meter @ Her at alfawall we have all types of brick wall fence designs in South Africa, we can not assist you with ClearVu Invisible Wall by Cochrane International Kempton ... more

Quick Vibracrete walls - 2019-04-02

At Alfa precast concrete walls(also known as Vibracrete walls) we are quick, and when we say quick we mean QUICK! We have 8 permanent teams on the road at any given time. We can erect 30m of Vibracrete walls per day per team. Our teams are usually on site at 9a.m. and by 3p.m. we are finished and your new Vibracrete wall is erected and your site... more

Precast wall and Stop nonsens walls - 2018-11-22

  Alfa Concrete Walls do palisade fencing in the east rand, west rand and Pretoria. Our precast walls our lower in cost than clear view fence. And a precast wall can be repaired, when damaged. We do installations in the east rand like Boksburg, Benoni and Kempton Park. Palisade fencing prices.     Our stop nonsense wall... more

Precast wall price list - 2018-11-08

Precast walls our main business here at Alfa Concrete Walls. Precast concrete walls come in grey precast wall or coloured precast fencing.  Click now   Precast wall price per meter is determined by height and type of precast wall. Concrete walls and precast walling are the same... more

Precast walls Pretoria, Johannesburg and East Rand. Precast wall fencing. - 2018-10-29

  ALFA Concrete Walls precast concrete wall solutions in Pretoria and Johannesburg. From east rand to west rand. Concrete walls louvre concrete walls large brick concrete walls clinker concrete walls with steel palisades concrete wall extensions steel palisades sliding gates and razor wire. Our wall here at our family of concrete walls is... more

Have you heard about Stop Nonsense walls - 2018-10-24

Stop nonsense wall designs   Stop nonsense wall designs, wall and gate price, cost of brick wall per m2 South Africa and Walling. These are some of the questions we get asked on a daily basis. We can assist you with these as we do superior walling in Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng.   Please note that we can not supply info on Ea... more

Precast Walls Price - 2018-10-24

We here at Alfa Concrete walls do supply you easily with precast wall price per meter. Precast walls are our main game. Precast walls price varies between types and height of precast concrete walls. Precast walling prices are online available at .Precast wall price at Alfa Concrete Walls ... more

Precast Walls in Pretoria - 2018-10-23

  In the Pretoria precast wall industry, a lot have changed over the last 10 years. Concrete walling companies numbered more than 16 precast wall suppliers 10 years ago, today there is less than half of the walling suppliers left. Well known Suppliers like AAA Concrete Walls, Des Art Walls, Micky Finn Walling and Bi-Sided walling all c... more

Factory Precast Walls Seconds Special - 2018-10-17

Factory Seconds Special Quality Precast Materials   Cost Effective way to build Walls, Rooms or Storage Space BUY BULK AND SAVE! _________________________ 10 x poles and 64 x Slabs Enough for 3x3 room or 12 m of walls. NORMAL PRICE R 4 200,00 Bulk price R 3 200,00 SAVE 1000 _________________________   ... more

Pretoria North precast walling branch. - 2018-10-17

Pretoria North precast concrete walling. Alfa Concrete walls is happy to announce that we will open a new branch in Pretoria North. This precast branch is strategically located in 565 Stasie Street cnr Jack Hindon road Pretoria north. With the closure of AAA Concrete walling and Pretoria Beton Mure, a void in the market opened. Alfa Concrete wallin... more

- 2018-10-11

... more


At the time of writing this Newsletter the Year has officially tipped off to its second half. 183 days done, another 183 to go. This made us reflect on how much precast wall distance have we cover since the beginning of the year, and how many more we still have in front us? Well, before I hit the wall with trying to figure th... more

Introduction to BETAr Alfa precast walls blog - 2018-06-14

It’s our  precast wall and we Like it Hello and welcome to our Newsletter Alfa precast walls Pretoria! Yes, you may know us as Alfa Concrete Walls. Our company has been well known and established manufacturer and supplier of precast walls in Pretoria and surrounding areas, like Pretoria North and Centurion or even Midrand. What ... more

Free online precast wall estimate. - 2018-06-06

So, you need a free online precast wall estimate. In order for us to provide you with the accurate quote on a precast wall, may you please answer a couple of questions? 1.            Where do you need the precast wall installed? 2.         &nbs... more

Alfa concrete walls precast walling history - 2018-06-06

In 1978 a gentleman with the name Johan van Tonder started Alfa Concrete Walls. His precast walling company quickly grew from strength to strength. His first precast concrete walling company was situated in Garsfontein drive extension, Tygerpoort, on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria in the Tshwane Metropolitan area. He moved his Concrete preca... more

Winter Specials 2017 - 2017-06-22

ALFA CONCRETE WALLS   Manufacturers and installers of PRECAST CONCRETE WALLS   Precast Concrete Walls. We receive many calls about our Precast Concrete Walls in and around Pretoria, Midrand and Kempton Park area on a daily basis, especially our Concrete wall prices. The price list is kept up to date on a regular ba... more

Who are we? We are Pretoria based Precast Concrete Walling suppliers. - 2017-01-18

Who are we? Alfa Precast Concrete Walls Pretoria are fast efficient precast walling service providers at a great price combined with a 5 year guarantee for your peace of mind. Alfa Precast Walls have been specialising in the manufacturing and Installation of Concrete Walling since 1976. Based in Shere A/H , Pretoria East, we can service the g... more

Exiting News for Sandton Precast Concrete Walls - 2016-02-02

We at ALFA Concrete Walls will bring you concrete precast walling and fencing at wholesale prices, a first for the Randburg, Sandton and West Rand areas. Gone are the days of paying excessive walling prices. We will cut at least R125.00 per meter of the price of Brick Crete walling installed in Randburg and Sandton areas measured against c... more

Precast Walls West Rand and Northern suburbs Johannesburg - 2016-02-01

ALFA Concrete walls offer a precast walling solution to developers, business and home owners in the Northern suburbs Johannesburg, like Parkmore, Melville, Greenside, Honeydew, Olivedale, Ferndale, Blairgowrie, Randburg, Roodepoort and the West Rand areas. We might be the new kid on the block so to say in Johannesburg. But, we have been in the i... more

Concrete Fencing Prices list 2016 Pretoria and Randburg area - 2016-02-01

Please note these Precast concrete walls price list can change at any time, please confirm pricing by calling Leon at 082 950 1980   Alfa Concrete Walls RETAIL VAT Inc.   Price valid from 01/01/2016            ... more

Do you do stop nonsense walls or Vebricrete walls? - 2016-01-30

Yes we are a group of Stop nonsense building companies. We do slab fencing wall, a product not found at your local Buildit. You will not find Stop nonsense concrete walls price buildit. We can do removal of precast fence and old brick walls. And install Stop nonsense concrete with facebrick look. Our stop nonsense concrete price is low; see our ... more

Precast Concrete Wall Extensions at Affordable Prices in Pretoria - 2016-01-30

ALFA Walls can extend your precast concrete wall for you, wall extensions rise the height of your vibracrete wall. We receive a lot of calls about Wall extensions, and the main question is; how do we do it? Precast Concrete walls are cast in to prefabricated slab panels, which are 300mm in height each. A 600mm high concrete slab is also made for th... more

Alfa Concrete Walls manufacturer of precast concrete walls - 2016-01-29

Precon Wall. We recessive al lot of calls about our Concrete walling, especially our Concrete walls prices. Our precast concrete products price list is kept up to date on a regular date. It is also clearly date stamped. Our precast concrete walls all have a product guarantee. Please note our Concrete Palisade Fencing prices do not include instal... more

Precast Concrete Walls West Rand - 2016-01-29

West Rand Concrete Walling Group of Companies  Alfa Concrete Walls exciting news, we have teamed up with A2Z Walls and Exclusive Walls, to bring better service and a wider product range to the Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Randburg and Alberton area. We will supply the West Rand with the well-known brands of Brick Crete, Wall extensions, Plas... more

Completed Major Precast Walling Projects 2015 - 2015-06-03

Chantelle ext 31 - Pretoria This new suburb was completely walled on four sides with ALFA Precast walling. The project of 120 plus units took 6 months to complete, approximately 2000 meters of 6 foot plain grey concrete walling was installed. This vibra crete project was overseen by Renier Venter. Renier is qualified in all necessary Health and ... more

Major Precast Walling Projects 2015 - 2015-06-02

We here at ALFA Concrete Walling are very fortunate to share with you our precast walling tender successes thus far this year. Let’s have a look at them; West View Estate - Andeon Pretoria We had the pleasure to install 726 meter of the semi clinker concrete perimeter wall, as well as securing the inner walling of the entire West View E... more

3239m Precast concrete walling Olievenhoutbocsh extension 32 - 2014-10-02

ALFA Concrete walling, has ones again been appointed by CDP Projects, to install a vibrate crete wall for there new 330 house development. Alfa is proud to be associated with them. ... more

Precast Perimeter Wall Chantelle, Pretoria - 2014-10-02

We are happy to report that we have been appointed at Chantelle extension 31, to install a 2.45 Meter high Semi clinker precast wall. This 456 meter wall for Cosmopolitan Projects has commenced in mid September. And will be complete by Mid October 2014. Under the watchfully eye of Alfred Nkosi. Alfred has risen through the ranks and is now proud to... more

Multi Colour Bisided Precast Wall 2200 Meter - 2014-06-04

We are happy to announce the building of an Concrete precast wall in Equestria, Pretoria, for Lexkon CC. This 2200 meter Brickcrete wall was special made for the client with no exstra painting work. Work have commenced and will be completed August 2014.   ... more

Group Five Construction appoints Alfa Concrete Walls - 2014-05-10

Billion Group, on 7 February launched its ambitious Forest Hill City in Centurion, a staggering 72 000 square metre mixed-use commercial development. Alfa Precast walling was appointed to erect a Concrete Palisade Wall around the perimeter. Alfa Concrete Walls was delighted to work to gether with Group Five, as their professionalism is undoubtab... more

4500 Meter Concrete Precast Walls. - 2014-05-10

Alfa Concrete Walls has done it again. We signed contract with Central Development Projects to install 4500 meter x 2.15 Meter high concrete perimeter walling. This project will be completed in 2 months with the community’s assistance. We are the preferred supplier by many large companies, as we get the job done. Phone us today for your fr... more

Concrete Palisade Fencing Material Price. - 2014-01-29

Concrete Palisade fence Material.               We specialize in supplying loose concrete palisade material to customers. Our 2,4 meter stock is price at Only R437.00 per meter, currently. This is a great price for quality material. You can buy your loose stock from the factory or have i... more

New Concrete Palisade Division Manager - 2013-10-16

Renier Venter will be joining us as from 24 Oktober 2013. He will be heading up our Concrete palisade division. With over 12 years experience, he will be an valuable assit. He has worked for companies like Acasia Construction among others.   If you need precast walling or concrete palisade fencing, give him a call today. Renier ... more

Woodgrain Precast Walling - 2013-10-12

After a couple months delay, Wood Grain Concrete walling is back. The mould problem have been resolved and the suppliers have reinstated there 2 year Guarantee. New Wood Crete walling, can easily be identified by the darker brown/charcoale colour. this installation in Wierdapark was for 76 meters x 2.4 meter high precast walling. Please remmber ... more

We are the Official Brickcrete suppliers in Pretoria. - 2013-08-01

Please remember we are the official suppliers and that we can do precast wall extensions even on an Brickcrete wall. All the precast concrete fence specification that you may need we can supply free of charge. So call as Alpha walls if you wish, our precast wall prices will make you happy any day here in Pretoria. All our... more

ALFA Concrete Walls are investing in more precast moulds. Sole supplier to Des Art Walls, Pretoria Wall and All and now also Mooiplaats Walls. - 2013-08-01

Alfa Walls have invested heavily lately in pefab walls, we have bought out all of Pretoria Wall and All's concrete moulds, as well as all Des Art Wallings moulds as well as Mooiplaats Walls. We are there sole suppliers of precast concrete products now to them. With these new mould additions, we can lower our concrete palisade fencing cost... more

Monthly News Letter July 2013, Precast concrete walls and palisade fencing - 2013-08-01

Welcome to our monthly precast concrete walls newsletter here at fencing. We are currently very busy with a couple of very large Stop Nonsense Fencing projects; 1300 meter Concrete Palisade fencing in Germiston for the Currie Group, next to the Rand Airport. 8500 meter Precast Concrete Wall in Rau Vis... more

Renovating an old Precast Wall - 2013-03-23

    What do you do, if your old precast wall is skew, ugly and not straight any? Replace, replace- No not always necessary! Look at these to pictures below; at half of the cost, we can rebuild your Concrete precast wall. This is a cost effective precast concrete wall price. So if you don’t want to break the bank but w... more

DIY Concrete Palisade Installation - 2013-03-22

  ALFA Palisade Fencing regularly gets calls for supply-only of concrete palisade fencing material.  The caller either wishing to use own labour or employ labour for the purpose.  Their motivation for wanting to follow the do-it-yourself route is to achieve cost savings. Unfortunately the labour component in the erection of a c... more

Customer feed back - 2013-02-23

We are always glad when a precast concrete wall installation runs like clockwork. We like to get in and install the wall as fast as possible, to ensure the costumers safety. We recently installed a 92m x1.83 meter (6 Foot) high Big Block/brick wall for Mr T Lammers in a day and a half. His property is situated on the Conner of Graham road and, i... more

Feltex Automotive Precast Concrete Palisade Fence - 2012-10-20

      Feltex Automotive is a Division of Feltex Holdings Proprietary Limited which is a 100% subsidiary of KAP International Holdings Limited.  ALFA Concrete Walls was chosen to erect the new Concrete Security Perimeter wall for Feltex Rosslyn. The mean reasons were Pricing, BEE... more

Precast customer feed back - 2012-10-12

"Hi Leon   Thanks for the great wall installation, we were really impressed with how neat and clean your team worked and left the yard really made it a pleasure! Even leading up to the installation, the confirmation of installation dates and details were really handled professionally and we will gladly recommend you and have already... more

Concrete Palisade Fencing News - 2012-10-09

      ALFA concrete walls are happy to report that we have completed 80% of our Bronkhorstspruit precast palisade fence. This + 1000m work for Tshwane City Counsel in Conjunction with Jacaranda Fencing, has passed all the preliminary snag lists. Our concrete palisade fencing price per meter is highly competitive priced. ... more

New Precast walling manager - 2012-09-17

We would like to welcome Jaco Vermaas to Alfa Concrete Walls. Jaco joins us from Pretoria Wall and All. With years of experience, he would be a great asset to Alfa as well to our customers. He would be able to assist you with any precast walling questions, wall extensions and wall repairs. Phone Jaco today at 0824129679. ... more

Concrete palisade fencing- Bronkhorstspruit -1100 Meter - 2012-08-28

ALFA has secured 1100 meter x 2.4 meter high concrete palisade wall. This new project will commence on 10 September 2012, and will be completed end November 2012. This follows our successful completion of 1047 meter at West Hills Business park. We are fast becoming the preferred concrete wall supplier in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. ... more

BBBEE Verification Certificate - 2012-08-10

ALFA Concrete Walls is happy to anounce our Level 4 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment status. We have also recieved a Letter of Good Standing from SARS. Contact us today, for all your concrete precast walling needs and Concrete Palisade fencing needs.  ... more

How fast can you build a wall? - 2012-07-17

We receive this question every day. We can look at this in two different lights. 1.       When can you do the wall installation? We here at ALFA Concrete Walls normally have a two week lead time on precast walls. Why? Because we are large installers. We don’t only supply to the public but also to corporate clie... more


Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place. In contrast, standard concrete is poured into site-specific forms and cured on site By producing precast concrete in a controlle... more

New Concrete Palisade Fence for Westhills Business Estate, Centurion, Gauteng - 2012-07-04

ALFA Concrete Walls has done it again!  We have secured the contract, to enclose the Westhills Business Estate. An ALFA manufactured 2.4 meter high, heavy duty concrete palisade fence will be installed shortly. We will bring you photo's asap. Phone Marius for your precast concrete fencing needs today. Cell: 0832265281... more

Clayville concrete precast wall Project - 2012-06-26

ALFA Concrete walls have completed approximately 1500 meters of 1.83 meter high precast walling in June alone, at Clayville Security Estate. Together with are other business, we have built over 2 450 meters for the month of June. This includes our there popular BrickCrete walls, wall extensions and concrete palisade fencing.   So if... more

Concrete palisade fencing cost effective perimeter or security wall - 2012-06-20

ALFA Concrete Walls concrete palisade fence is a cost effective security wall.  At R480.00 per meter, base cost for our 1.8 meter high palisade fence, this can’t be beaten. This example is a photo of our current installation at Country Lane Estate. If it is good enough for Country Lane Estate it is good enough for your project. Call... more

Concrete Palisade Fencing Contract Awarded - 2012-06-16

ALFA is happy to announce that we have been awarded the contract to enclose the Pierre van Ryneveld Water reservoir, for Tshwane Metro. This 1.8 meter high concrete palisade fence will be supplied by our brand new Plant no. 3 in Pretoria, Gauteng. This cost effective concrete wall, will do duty for many years to come, due to our high quality ma... more

Ground Breaking News- Alfa Concrete Walls Plant 3 - 2012-06-11

ALFA is happy to deal its excitement with are customers. Alfa has started construction today on our third precast walling plant. This concrete wall plant will be equipped with all brand new concrete fence moulds and machinery. This plant will increase our concrete palisade fencing division in Pretoria Gauteng. Please feel free to contact us for... more

Precast Concrete Walls Midrand Village - 2012-05-30

  Alfa Concrete Walls is happy to report, that we have installed 3900 meters, concrete precast walls in Clayville Gauteng, thus far in the last 3 months. As preferred concrete fencing suppliers in Pretoria and surrounding area in Gauteng for CDP. This security village as can be seen in the photos is elegant and neat with Louver precast ... more

Concrete Palisade Fencing - 2012-05-21

Alfa Concrete Walls is happy  announce the awarding of the tender to complete phase 3 of the Moreleta Village Concrete Palisade Fencing. We will bring you photos of this project as soon as possible. Call us today for a low price qoute and excellent service. Phone Marius at 082 950 1980  ... more

Concrete Palisade Fencing - 2012-05-20

  2.4m HEAVY DUTY CONCRETE PALISADE   APPLICATION: INDUSTRIAL TYPE PRECAST CONCRETE PALISADE SECURITY FENCE   1. PRE-FABRICATED CONCRETE ELEMENTS. 1.1. WORKMANSHIP AND FINISH IN GENERAL: All concrete elements are manufactured from sound concrete and free of structural defects. All concrete elements have an off-shutter fin... more

Concrete Palisade fencing - 2012-02-24

  Alfa Concrete Walls manufacture and erect Heavy Duty Precast Concrete Palisade fencing mainly in Gauteng and Surrounding areas. We specialize in 2.4 meter high Heavy Duty Palisade concrete fencing but also do a 1.8 meter fence.   Transport is a major factor in Concrete Palisades. At 34 tons per 100 meters, this is a pure ... more

8000 meter x 1.8 meter Order - 2012-02-24

Alfa Concrete Walls is happy to announce that we have been awarded with 8000 meter x 6 foot high precast wall in the Pretoria Region. The contract period is 7 months. Alfa is no stranger to large orders. Some of our previous large orders are; 2007- 8500 meters in Lotus Gardens Pretoria. 1.83 meter high Concrete wall 2008- 4500 meters in Lot... more

Concrete Precast Wall extensions - How to extend a precast wall. - 2012-02-22

  Concrete Precast Wall extensions   How to extend a precast wall.    Concrete wall extensions can basically be divided in to two groups; A. DIY- do it yourself B. Wall extension done by ALFA   A.    DIY Concrete Pre-cast Wall extensions a.     300mm or 600mm or 900mm high. ... more

Precast concrete walling Pretoria. - 2012-02-20

  What are we at ALFA CONCRETE WALLS about? Alfa concrete walls are based in Pretoria, Gauteng. Our price list on our new website is always current. We are the official suppliers of Brick Crete in Pretoria, All our Brickcrete moulds are made and maintained to the highest standard. We supply concrete big blocks w... more

How much do you charge per meter for a precast concrete wall? - 2012-02-20

  How much do you charge per meter?   We hear this every day;                 Please give me a price per meter.                 How much do you charge?    &nbs... more

Why use Louver pre-cast concrete walls? - 2012-02-17

Why use Louver pre-cast concrete walls? Concrete becomes stronger over time - has a lifespan equal to any brick construction, yet costs about 60% less. Large range of concrete wall designs; Ø  2 Louver Ø  3 Louver Ø  Small Brick Ø  Block Brick / Big Block Ø  Semi clinker walls Ø  And Spe... more

Why replace a Semi-Clinker boundry wall with a Brickcrete concrete precast wall. - 2012-02-16

  Why replace a Clinker boundary wall with a Brick Crete Precast Wall? Brick walls can be costly and time-consuming to create and keep standing. At R 1200/meter for a single Semi-Clinker wall, at R440/meter for a Brick Crete concrete wall, it comes in at a fraction of the price. Brick Crete provides the classic visual impact of weatherwor... more

Why Do People Install Precast Concrete Walls in the Pretoria Region? - 2012-02-15

  Why Do People Install Precast Concrete Walls in the Pretoria Region? There are many reasons why more and more customers are using precast concrete wall fencing. Here are just a few of them. Precast concrete products come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Alfa Concrete Wall products are manufactured using their own molds to ... more

Prinshof School - 2011-06-28

Alfa Concrete Walls is happy to report that we Donated R10 000.00 to Prinshof School. After the Goodmorning Angels show of Jacaranda 94.2 Alfa Concrete Walls will help with the current security problem, faced by the school. ... more

Pretoria Central Prison Precast concrete wall - 2011-04-13

We are happy to report, that the contract is completed. This 2.4 meter high Block Brick pre cast wall stands proud at PTA Central C-Max.  ... more

Pretoria Central Prison Concrete Wall - 2011-04-06

We are happy to announce, that Alfa Concrete Walls has been awarded the contract to secure a portion of Pretoria Central Prison, at Salvokop. Work has started on 4/4/2011 and will be completed on 15/4/2011. We will paste some photos soon.... more

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