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Double sided walls arestronger and thicker than conventional concrete walls.

It has the same texture onboth sides. No "bad" side! Invisible panel interlock.

long lasting colour thatnever fades. Absolutely no maintenance.

Clean neat installationwith less impact on your time and privacy.

These strong walls willenhance the safety and value of your property.

Cap rail trim included aspart of the finished product on walls or not, at a discounted rate.

Can be combined with steelpalisades in you brick crete concrete wall.

The Brick-crete wall hasthe same aesthetic quality of a solid brick wall, yet cost only a fraction ofthe price.

The Brick-crete wall cannotrot or burn!

Ideal to replace rottingwooden fences.  As concrete becomes stronger in time, you will never haveto replace it.  You can to paint it.

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Technical Information:

305mm x 1440mm x45mm
Walls are installed according to these heights: 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm &2400mmm

Concrete reaches astrength of 30mpa after 30 days.

The products are cast with a maximum definition and minimum tolerance, so that no further treatment is necessary.

Poles: 4 x 4-7mmspring steel (depending on height)
Panels: 2 x 4mm spring spring steel.

Foundation: 350mmx 350mm & poles are planted 600mm deep.
Tongue and groove design ensures non-visible panel links.

Contact Renier on 082 950 1980 or Enquire now by clicking here 



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